Technical SEO: Optimization for search engines

Technical SEO is a critical part of any successful SEO strategy. While many focus on keywords and content, it's often the technical aspects that determine whether a website ranks well in search engines. In this article, we discuss the most important elements of technical SEO and how they affect your website's ranking.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the optimization of a website's infrastructure so that it can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. This includes a variety of measures to ensure that your website is technically up to date.

Important elements of technical SEO

  • Mobile optimization: In a world where more and more users are accessing the internet via mobile devices, it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Fast loading times: Slow websites lead to a high bounce rate and can have a negative impact on your ranking.
  • Secure website (HTTPS): Security is an important ranking factor. HTTPS websites are preferred by Google.
  • Structured data: By adding structured data to your website, Google can better understand the content and rank it accordingly.
  • Error-free crawlability: Make sure that search engines can easily crawl your website without encountering errors such as 404 pages.

Technical SEO at Cube Media

At Cube Media, we offer comprehensive technical SEO services to ensure that your website is optimized in all technical aspects. From speed optimization to security, our team will ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and users alike.


Technical SEO is an indispensable part of a holistic SEO strategy. It's not just about being convincing in terms of content, but also technically flawless. With the right technical SEO strategy and the support of experts like Cube Media, you can significantly improve the ranking of your website.

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