We have designed a new golf experience for the Golf Lounge: A modern, inviting online platform that appeals to both golf enthusiasts and recreational athletes. Our innovative website and software with advanced booking system open up new paths away from the classic golf club.

Project highlights

Innovative golf experience

Individual booking system

Visual storytelling

Intuitive user guidance

In our digitalization project for the Golf Lounge, we revolutionized the golf business. By developing a user-friendly website and customized software, we have achieved new sales records and a significant improvement in statistics. Our comprehensive approach, including an intuitive booking system and strategic online marketing, has established the Golf Lounge as a leading digital golf company.


We created an innovative web design for INC, a Norwegian office concept, that guides the user intuitively. The design with a customized color concept picks up on INC.'s brand identity while providing a seamless user experience.

Project highlights

Creative co-working layout

Interactive functionalities

Color concept in brand colors

Harmonious typography

Our approach combined creative aesthetics with functional clarity. We created a user-friendly interface that highlights INC's unique services while providing a visually appealing online experience.



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